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value progressive lens

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Product Description

This lens design is by Vision-Ease (an American lens Co.) A Premium progressive lens at a value price! Start seeing clearly today! We are happy to allow you to order your progressive lenses before you even get to our store. In many cases, (if you live far away) or would like to only make one trip, we can pull your lenses and create an order tray for you. This can help speed up your processing time greatly! We use unfinished blanks for our progressive lens orders (product pic), so it is required to pay for them in advance you may select the call for payment option, and indicate in shipping that its local pick up. We will generate your order and call you when your lenses have completed surfacing & polishing. Then we will give you a call to come down to choose a frame, or to have your lenses cut for your existing frame. Please allow up to 24 hours for processing.




Additional Information

Lens Material:

Plastic (cr-39), Polycarbonate (thinner), High Index (thinnest)

ChangeRX (Sun changing like Transitions):

None, ChangeRx Grey, ChangeRx Brown

Anti-reflective Coating (AR)

None, SUPER Surpass AR, Crizal

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