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A New Process Called Free-Form! (AKA Digital, or HD Lenses)

It is a more accurate method of creating a lens surface!

What is free form?

Free-Form lenses are made using advanced computer controlled generators that can create any complex surface.  This complex surface can incorporate far more information allowing more advanced and personalized designs.


Position Of Wear Compensation

Free-Form lenses make it possible to incorporate the precise angles and positions of the frame to compensate the prescription to the specific frame and eye system. 100% Personalized & Compensated to You!

Global Design Technology

By incorporating the position of wear measurements and using advanced computer modeling programs, it is now possible to create a lens that corrects for astigmatism as the eye rotates into the periphery.

Lenses and Pricing

Free-Form Lenses require Special Measurements that are not generally taken with conventional surface lenses!

KODAK Unique DS®

Dual-Side Lens Design
  • Dual multifocal technology for improved optical performance.
  • A digital dual-side progressive lens that offers significant improvement in the reading area for many prescriptions while providing excellent visual performance in the intermediate and distance viewing areas. Enjoy a wider reading area along with excellent viewing in intermediate and distance.
  • Adapting to your lifestyle.
  • KODAK Unique DS Progressive Lenses are offered with UV and glare protection, thinness and lightweight comfort, and convenient darkness adaptation to light changes. Choose anti-reflection coverage so lenses are easy to clean.
  • KODAKUniqueLenses_logo

Kodak SoftWear™

Vision First Technology in A Task-Oriented Lens
  • Up-Close and Productive
  • KODAK SoftWear Lenses are specifically designed for near-task activities. For patients who spend long hours in front of a computer or enjoy pastimes, such as model building or quilting, they can be experiencing eyestrain. Computer-based projects or large amounts of detail work demand the use of a near-variable focus lens.
  • Vision Correction Where You Need It Most
  • KODAK SoftWear Lenses are designed with a larger intermediate area perfectly placed for viewing a computer monitor. They also incorporate a wide reading area to provide comfortable viewing of source documents or the keyboard. KODAK SoftWear Lenses devote the majority of the lens to near and intermediate vision, eliminating the need to tilt your head.
  • If work or hobbies require constant viewing of items close up and 15” to 30” away, KODAK SoftWear Lenses will provide improved and comfortable viewing.
  • kodak_softwear

LifeScape PAL

Our Top Generic Choice
  • incorporates all of the latest design algorithms It is fully Position-Of-Wear Compensated uses Global Design Technology to create a truly advanced design corridor can be adjusted for a patient’s preferenceslifescape-86223619

What Our Customers Are Saying About Free-Form!

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Free-Form lenses are a premium lens game changer! I have never been able to see so well!”

Mark Becker

“Wow! Been in a high minus rx all my life! As soon as I put the new lenses on, I literally broke down in tears at how clear they were!”

Cat McAwsom

“I got my new Prada cat eyes with Shamir Autograph III lenses there! I get lots of complements on them. I work for eye doctors as an ophthalmic technician in Nashville.

Rachel Watney

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