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Optical Coatings, Tints & Filters

Because everyone’s visual needs are different, we offer a wide variety of lens options and treatments.


Our Premium AR Coating
  • Crizal lenses are the leading No-Glare, Anti-Reflective lenses that provide more than just exceptionally clear vision — they also provide peace of mind by offering benefits above and beyond standard lenses.
  • Here’s a clear-eyed look at the truly visionary benefits of Crizal lenses:
  • Improve Night Vision
  • At night, your eyesight naturally diminishes, with reductions in depth perception, peripheral vision, and color recognition. This is particularly noticeable when driving due to the glare from streetlights or oncoming headlights. Crizal lenses reduce nighttime glare, giving you better vision and a safer driving experience.
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Crizal lenses are made for more than just better eyesight — they’re also made to last. Crizal lenses are designed with durability in mind, and engineered to provide long-lasting, clean, clear vision. Crizal uses extensive tests to ensure its lenses meet the highest of standards. After a comprehensive evaluation by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, the Seal was presented to Crizal lenses as a symbol of consumer trust and satisfaction.Crizal


Our Standard AR Coating
  • NEW SUPER Surpass ECP AR features an
  • anti-static, super hydrophobic/oleophobic
  • topcoat that repels water, oil and grime and
  • it includes our exclusive no-slip protector to
  • simplify edging.
  • Significant improvements of NEW SUPER
  • Surpass ECP AR:
  • • The super hydro/oleo coating now with
  • anti-static properties is even more slippery
  • with added durability (contact angle is 107
  • after 20,000 wipes).
  • • Due to the slicker surface tension we are
  • now including a no-slip protector top coat
  • (see removal instructions on reverse side).
  • • The Colts Bayer scratch resistance test was
  • improved by two times.
  • • The Colts Real Life Simulation score
  • was our highest ever at 4.7 out of 5 (94
  • percentile in ranking).
  • outsid1


Value AR (no warranty)
  • This is a great value AR. It works just like all the rest, only allot less expensive than the others. This offering is available at a low cost for people who want to experience anti-reflection for the first time. Because of the low cost this coating does not include a warranty.

Tints, Mirrors, & Polarized Filters

Custom Lens Tints

Available in Solid or Gradient
  • While some people think tinted lenses are merely cosmetic functions, the right tint can enhance vision and comfort at specific tasks, from in the office in front of a computer screen, to outdoor activities such as golf or skiing. Tints come in solids, gradients or double gradients, and can be a fun unique touch to your lenses.tint_circle

Polarized Sun Filter

The Best In Daylight Glare Protection
  • Polarized sunglasses cut glare and haze so your eyes are more comfortable and you can see better. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks this type of intense reflected light, reducing glare. Light rays vibrate in many directions. As light passes through a polarized lens, the polarized film channels the light rays to travel in the same direction; thus eliminating unsightly glare, much the same way as a Venetian blind channels light.eagle-eyes

Mirror & Flash Mirror Coatings

High Fashion High Function
  • Mirror coats come in a variety of colors and are highly reflective. Often paired with polarized lenses, eyewear with mirror coats are generally used for outdoor activities. Its highly reflective properties reflect heat and glare, and can enhance the visual comfort of the wearer in outdoor situations.
  • A variation of the mirror coat, the flash coat is a lighter coating, showing only a subtle flash of reflection. This treatment is often chosen for cosmetic reasons.
  • When selecting a mirror coat, be sure to keep in mind this coating can craze and scratch if the eyewear is not handled with care. Leaving your mirrored eyewear on the dashboard of a car, where it may be subject to extreme temperatures or sliding when the vehicle is in motion, will cause mirrored eyewear to be damaged. As a precaution, mirrored lenses can have a factory-applied hardcoat that will make them more resistant to scratching.kit5

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