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 Why Should I Shop At Cheeks Optical For My Eyeglasses?

This is a great question considering there are so many places to buy eyeglasses now (including online). In our opinion, you should beware of bargains on parachutes, brain surgery, and eyeglasses!  There are 3 main reasons that people have trusted Cheeks Optical for quality eye-wear for over 30 years! Those reasons are quality, service,  and warranty! We care about our patients well being, and believe your experience here will speak for itself! We think, you are capable of making an informed decision. Errors are not common, but we will always try to resolve our mistakes, and address any issues you may encounter.  Finally, we offer 1 & 2 year replacement warranties, depending on which products you buy. This means if you break, or damage your eyeglasses, we will replace them.  If low cost is your main objective, ask us about our no warranty options. Not to mention, our online ordering system is easy to use, & budget friendly! Buying low price eyeglasses online, from an unknown website may seem like a less expensive option, however the old saying “you get what you pay for” applies in this case. Many of these online retailers fail to meet safety standards due to sub-par materials. Your lenses could potentially fail the standard drop ball test, resulting in unsafe usage (possibly causing injuries)! In addition to unsafe materials, studies have shown that using sub-par materials can also result in poor optical performance (possibly causing injuries)! Please read an article written by the AOA (American Optometric Association).

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How often should I have an eye exam?

Every Year if possible. Eye exams can help identify eye problems at an early stage, which is the best time to address the problem. Glasses prescriptions are valid for two years, where as, contact lenses prescriptions are only valid for a year.

Why  should I get my prescription filled instead of buying  readers?

There are very few people that have the same prescription in both eyes (like readers provide) and have a correction in the plus range but if your vision is good in the distance, and your are having trouble seeing up close you may be a good candidate for readers. However “readers” generally will not correct your vision as well as a custom set of prescription eyeglasses.

Why are some contact lenses more expensive than other?

Contacts fall in to different categories by, how long you can wear them before you should throw them away, and what type of vision it corrects. (Spherical, Astigmatism, or Multi-focal). There are also a number of different materials that have high, medium, and low water content. All these factors my effect the price.

What’s the difference between digital (free-form) and traditional lenses?

Digital lenses are mapped out and cut by computer software and can include many measurements that can further customize your glasses for a fit that takes lifestyle, and posture into account. Traditional lenses are surfaced using curved tools and are more affordable. Traditional lenses are great in most cases! Digital lenses are most beneficial to high correction wearers, and high wrap prescription sunglasses. Lower rx’s may not be able to tell much of a difference.

What’s the difference between standard and premium progressives?

Standard progressive lenses (no lines bi-focal’s) have a smaller viewing area, (before you hit the peripheral distortion in the edges of the lens) than the premium designs.

What are the advantages to having frames that are still being manufactured?

Availability for warranty replacement and parts for the frame.

Why do some AR coatings cost more than others?

Standard AR coatings still preform as well as Premium coatings. However, the premium coatings are more durable and have anti-fog and hydrophobic coatings added to them.

How much do repairs cost?

We replace screws (on frames we sell)  for free. Most solder repairs are $25. If parts need to be ordered we will be happy to research what is needed and then quote a price for you.

 Do you make your glasses on the premises?

We have a full lab on the premises, and we make most of the lenses that we dispense. Some of the insurances do not allow us to manufacture your eyeglasses, because they use their own lab.

How long will I have to wait for my glasses/contacts

If we manufacture your eyeglasses in our lab, we can have them completed in an hour. If you have ordered Anti Reflective coatings, your lenses typically take up to 4 days to return from treatment. We have trial contact lenses available for purchase in our office, box orders may take three to five days to arrive.

What are the advantages to polarization rather than tint?

Polarization is a film inside of the lenses that can greatly reduce glare coming from reflective surfaces.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to transition lenses?

Wearing Transition lenses (photochromic lenses) can be very convenient because they eliminate the need to purchase prescription sunglasses in addition to eyeglasses. If you are not in direct sunlight they may not get as dark as you would like, and, because your windshield is UV protected they don’t get extremely dark inside of a car. XTRActives Transition lenses will get dark inside of the car because they react to visible light instead of UV rays, they could have a small amount of a tint to them because visible light  is present.

How effective is the scratch-resistant coating?

Scratch-resistant coating helps protect against minor damage but we do provide a year warranty against any scratches that may make it though the coating. A good scratch coating (or HC) is essential to having a durable anti reflective coating.

How often should I get new glasses?;

Its a good to have your eyes checked each year. If there is a change in your prescription, you should get new lenses. However, if you take care of your frames properly, they should last for many years.

My lenses are really thick. What can I do?

There are several different types of materials that lenses can be fabricated from, that can decrease the weight and thickness of the lenses. Polycarbonate is a thinner and lighter weight material than standard plastic, but high index plastic is even thinner than Polycarbonate.

It’s hard to find glasses that fit me. How can I tell what size they are?

The eye size is normally printed on the inside of the frame follow by the bridge size and then the temple length. (Example 50-18-140)

Do you offer any deals to people with out insurance?

Yes, we do. If you do not have insurance, we offer 10% off lenses or frames, and 20% off frame/Lens combos.

I have never worn Bi-focal’s. What should I expect?

You can expect some time to adjust to the bifocal at the bottom of the lens. The floor will seem to be closer to you than before so stairways can be challenging at first.

How important is it for my glasses to be adjusted properly?

Proper adjustment can make all the difference when it comes to seeing properly. If you are wearing a bifocal, improper adjustments can cause you to see through your bifocals unevenly and can result in a poor visual experience.

Do you do medical and diabetic exams?

Yes, we do medical and diabetic exams. Please contact our office to see if we accept your medical insurance.

Why is my product back ordered?

Manufactures run out of popular items often. This means that the demand for the product is higher than their production.

Can I combine deals or insurance?

Not at this time unless a deal states otherwise.

Can you read the prescription from my old eyeglasses and duplicate it?

Yes, if you have eyeglasses that have been scratched or damaged, and the prescription was working for you, then we can duplicate it.

What type of payments do you take?

Cash, Credit, and Debit.

Why can’t I use my eyeglasses prescription to purchase contact lenses?

The doctor has to write a contacts prescription, in order for us to order them for you. In many cases, your glasses prescription is different than your contact lens prescription and includes additional information such as base curve and diameter.

What styles of Bi-focal’s are available.

Progressives (no-line bifocal’s)  are the most versatile. Lined bifocals come in a few different styles like straight top 28’s and straight top 35’s, or trifocals. We are one of the few optical dispensaries that carry executives, and round bifocals.

I want to buy a pair of glasses/contacts for a gift but I’m not sure what they would like. Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, Gift cards are a good way to buy eye-wear for someone as a gift, if you are unsure what they would like.

How well should I be able to see out of my glasses?

When reading the lines of letters, during your eye exam, let the doctor know that you are interested in knowing your visual acuity. Perfect visual acuity is 20/20.

Can old lenses be placed in new frames?

Yes, as long as the lenses are larger than the frame you are putting them in. We are happy to cut them for a small fee!

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