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t Cheeks Optical our goal is to save you time, money and gas! We are always working to find out new ways to deliver your eyeglasses faster and more efficiently. Our patients rely on us to make their eyeglasses fast, and we noticed that almost half of them are from out of town. We realize that making multiple trips here can be difficult, so we have created our new Pre-Order-System! You may now use our Online Lens Store to order your lenses in advance, and get one trip eyeglasses. This is convenient if you already have a current prescription, or if you have broken your eyeglasses and would like for us to provide you with a duplication. You may  call (or enter) in a current prescription you received from your eye doctor, and we will start working on your lenses before you even get here. Because we have a large lens stock inventory, you can order your single vision lenses  in advance without even paying for them! In addition you may order high correction, or multifocal lenses (progressives & bi-focals) in advance as well. However because those lenses are made to order we ask that you purchase them in full from our online store or, give us a call and use your credit card to make a partial deposit before we process them. For an accurate quote don’t forget to add all the products and options you would like to your shopping cart including what Lens Material (how thin), Anti-Reflective Coating (crizal), and Sun Changing (Transitions) you want to include. Check out our Frames below and order the perfect frame in advance too! Now for a limited time to celebrate our new gas saving system we are offering a single vision complete set of eyeglasses for $39.99



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