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The Challenge

At Cheeks Optical we strive for industry transparency! That means we want to bring to your attention, what we believe to be State Of The Art products & services. Like many of other optical practices, we believe quality begins with great customer service. However great customer service without a quality product is probably going to result in a lot of polite apologizing for a sub-par pair of frames and lenses. We want to help you understand the difference between current and discontinued frames. As well as the contrast between branded vs., generic lens materials, designs, and coatings.



The Solution

True quality is great because it doesn’t have to exaggerate or provide false claims, it just delivers. By choosing to do business directly with a local optical lens manufacturing lab, you effectively cut out the middleman. This means no waiting around for the mail to deliver your glasses. This also means if they are not perfect, its no trouble for us to remake them until they are. Please bring your current eyeglasses in for a free quality assessment. We will be happy to tell you about your frame, lenses, and the material’s and coating’s that were used to make them.



We Offer Full Branded Lenses or Comparable Generic Alternatives To Fit Any Budget


Beware Of Bargains On Brain Surgery Or Parachutes!

There really are some great deals on eyeglasses to be found these days! However as the headline suggests, there are many poor quality lenses and frames being sold. Many times very low prices can mean discontinued frames or generic lenses. Discontinued frames are old stock frames that are not current styles and are no longer being manufactured. Unlike other optical’s we choose not to actively carry this type of bargain inventory. It generally means a replacement frame is not available, and new lenses must be cut as well. This would be “bargain” can cost more in the long run! It’s worth mentioning that we are happy to cut lenses for any outside opthalmic frame you provide.



Cheeks Optical Is a Vision Made Locally lab!

What is Vision Made Locally?

Vision Made Locally is a network of independent optical labs located across America who proudly service their local optical businesses and independent eye care professionals. Vision Made Locally strives to educate the optical industry of the benefits and value of partnering with independent labs. The campaign also works to support independent eye care professionals who partner with participating labs through social media, online marketing and “EyeHeartLocal” campaign. Visit visionmadelocally.com to learn more today



Why choose a locally owned and operated lab?

Customized Solutions:

Your needs are unique. So are our solutions. Optical manufacturing is “flexible” manufacturing. We can offer more customization for your needs. This is because we are closer to the production process, closer to the decision-making process, and closer to you.


Product Diversity:

Don’t be limited. Choose what’s best for you. Your competitive edge lies in what make’s you unique. Product diversity is essential to this strategy. We can offer you the widest array of product and are not limited to specific products, brands or sales initiatives.


Stronger Local Economy:

More money in your community means more for you. Small business creates the most jobs and has the most benefits for the local economy. For every dollar spent in a locally owned business, three times more of that dollar stays in our economy than would be if spent with a national corporation.


Quality & Craftsmanship:

You have high expectations. So do we. You pride yourself on quality. We pride ourselves on ensuring the product you get matches that commitment. We measure our success on quality and service, first.


With Great Lenses, Much Of The Value Is In Proper Measurements

A skilled optician is required for a proper fit. Our Opticians use the latest in optical bio-metrics (Shamir SPARK®)!

Frames and lenses must be adjusted in person to ensure the patient will receive the exact prescription requested.



What is EyeHeartLocal?

EyeHeartLocal is a consumer campaign designed to promote the benefits and value that an independent ECP can provide in conjunction with a locally owned and operated optical lab. The campaign which is driven byVision Made Locally is using this campaign to help eye care professionals differentiate themselves through their focus on quality and positive community impact.

What does it do?

EyeHeartLocal works to promote independent eye care professionals through our social media campaigns, online marketing and partnership with your local independent optical lab. The campaign is designed to promote your business, build awareness within your local market and drive more business through your doors. We are also 100% focused on the independent so no big box retailers or large retail chains to compete with.

How to participate?

Easy. Partner with a Vision Made Locally participating lab and we take care of the rest. We work with the labs to help promote you to your local market online and off. Your lab may also provide you marketing materials such as window decals, posters and other items to help consumers connect you with the campaign.


Visit www.eyeheartlocal.com to see what the campaign is all about!

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