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Here Are Only A Few Of the Vision Solutions That We Offer:

The optical industry is filled with new products and features. New options and solutions become available every day! For that reason it’s impossible for us to list all of our product capability. If you need specialty work, or a custom vision solution just ask…..Chances are that we can custom fabricate, or source it for you.

The best thing about being an independently owned optical, is the enormous product selection! Because we are not directly affiliated with (or owned by) any of the major manufacturers, we can carry only the products that we feel are the best from any one company! It might be compared to being able to get Coke and Pepsi at the same restaurant. Which would be great because most likely they would only carry the best of each company’s flavors and leave off all the stuff they know less people will drink. At Cheeks Optical we stock a wide variety of different manufacturers lenses and designs! Many of the products that we provide are the top branded products like Varilux® Physio®, Crizal®, Individual®, and Autograph III®. However, it is worth mentioning that we also provide comparable generic alternatives for these brands as well. Just like with generic medications, those offerings cost much less! If you would like a particular lens design, we most likely can offer that exact brand, or we can suggest a close alternative. Most of these statements also hold true with our frame selection! Most of our lens blank manufacturers, as well as our frame companies can be found below!


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