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2nd Frame Selection

2nd Frame Selection

When you have received your prescription you may be ready to choose a frame. For many people frame selection is the most fun part of our process. Finding the right frame for you should be a good balance between personal taste as well as functionality. Face shape should be a deciding factor in your choice. Take a look at this guide called Eyeglass Frames That Match Your Face Shape and Coloring. After you have found the right frame for you, we will take all of the proper measurements and place your frame in a plastic tray with its information. Your frame is now ready for the lab.

Note: We recently upgraded our website to include online lens and frame ordering! Now your eyeglasses order can be placed with our online system. In many cases insurance will cover a basic set 100% (check with your provider). You can choose to pick them up at our store for free or we can mail them to you for $6.50. 

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February 4, 2014

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