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3rd Lab Processing

3rd Lab Processing

When your tray goes to the lab, the optician will consider several factors before choosing the best stock lens to work with. Some of these factors are frame shape, size, measurements, and the prescription. First the lenses are taped on the front side to protect them. Then a wax or alloy holding block is poured directly on the taped front side. After the lenses are “blocked” they are ready to have your prescription curves cut into the back side of the lens. After generating, the lens is rough and cloudy on the back. So we have special aluminium tools that match the curve of the back your lens. We attach a polishing pad to the tool then place the lens and  tool in to the surface/polisher. When your lenses are polished to a luster, they are de-blocked and checked for accuracy. The last step is called finishing. Your lenses are inspected with an instrument called a lensometer  that verifies the lenses prescription. Your frame is then traced by the edger and cut to shape. After your lenses are mounted and your frame assembled, they are ready for dispensing .

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Lens taping

IMAG1168 IMAG1165


Aluminum curve tools


Our new curve generator is fast and extremely accurate!


Edging while tracing the next pair of glasses.


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February 4, 2014

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