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My wife and I went to the Tennessee Craft fair the other day and took this picture together. Afterwards I noticed that its a very good real life example of the physical property’s of our newest photochromic materials. The picture hasn’t undergone any photoshop marketing or editing! From my perspective, both of these lenses are far superior to previous generations of light reactive plastic lenses.  As you can see, the XTRActive’s are very dark! Matter of fact we compared them with off the shelf sunglasses and they are still at least 15% darker! The downside is they are never 100% tint free (clear). If you spend a lot of time out doors and in the car XTRActive’s are the one’s for you! If you sometimes work in low light or if a slight tint is undesirable, you might want to try Signature VII lenses. Both solutions are comparable, choose your favorite today!


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